One of a kind, one at a time

“One of a kind, one at a time” describes what I do. There is nothing mass produced here. I make unique furniture, picture frames, wall art, cutting and charcuterie boards, and a lot more, without high tech machines or computerized anything.

I harvest virtually all the wood I use right here on my own acreage in Sherman Township, Osceola County, Michigan. I use maple, beech, cherry, ash, red pine, white pine, poplar, lilac, basswood, ironwood and other varieties from our 55 acres. ┬áNearly all of it comes from trees down from age, disease, or wind. ┬áI especially love working with wood you won’t typically find in a furniture store. I do “live edged” pieces when it’s the thing to do, but never just because I can. Sometimes straight, or round, is more appropriate.

I often use artifacts found in the area of the old homestead on the back acreage. Plow parts, horseshoes, cook stove remnants often find their way into pieces you will see here.

Please look around, see what’s here and come back often. As things leave the showroom, other things are added. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with what you see.